Soul Portraits

Andre J Peraza

What is a Soul Portrait?

4 years ago I began combining my artistic and spiritual background. Through a series of visions, messages, and artistic experimentations, I was guided to create a series of paintings I named "Soul Portraits".

These portraits are specifically created for individuals. Each one is a unique piece of art. 

The Process

The Soul Portraits I create are based on the person's energy/soul at the time of birth (natal chart).

I interpret energy as an abstract painting made up of specific color combinations.

Your natal chart represents the alignment of planets and constellations (zodiac signs) in the sky at the exact time and location of your birth. 

Each zodiac sign is associated with certain colors.

Your birth chart provides me with the color pallet I will use in your Soul Portrait.

The final step is for me to connect with the individual on a spiritual level and let the painting create ​itself. 

If you are interested in having your own Soul Portrait created, please contact me for more information.

Love & Light,

Andre J Peraza