Tarot Reader & Teacher

Andre J Peraza

​I come from a spiritually gifted family.

My dear mother, Julia, taught me how to interpret the cards intuitively. How to connect with your higher-self and trust in the messages you receive. 

I've been reading the Tarot for close to 40 years and I've developed my method of teaching how to read the Tarot Intuitively. 

My 6-weeks course is designed to present the Tarot in a fun, humorous and lively way while giving you the knowledge and tools needed to interpret the cards using your own intuition and developing your own unique style. 

Classes start April 6th, 2020 at The Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL

contact: (630) 473-0377 to reserve your seat!


The class was very informative and easy to understand. The exercises and demonstrations made the lessons settle in and memorable. Andre is very humorous in his approach and makes learning the Tarot accessible and fun. He emphasizes using your intuition to make your readings uniquely your own. I loved the class.

~ Christine B.

A great introduction to the Tarot that is easy for anyone with an open mind to relate to. Not only teaches the Tarot, but encourages you to develop your own individual style of reading. A great class for anyone who feels intimidated by the Tarot.

~ Lain

Honestly! The class is structured perfectly!

Andre holds so much space for learning and intuitive growth. I had so much fun coming to class and learning more about myself each time I showed up.

Thank you so much Andre!​

~ Cullen

Andre is very knowledgable about the Tarot and teaches you how to interpret the cards through intuition. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

Thank you Andre.

~ Pat W.

I am grateful to have attended this 6-wk class. Andre is clear spoken and very knowledgable. I liked that the focus was on intuitive reading as opposed to "book learning"! The class was well structured with useful handouts.

Doing the homework assigned broadened my perspective and kept me familiar with all the cards and what I knew and didn't know.

~ "Blaze"